Catherine D’lish: the Queen of Costume

Catherine D’lish: the Queen of Costume
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Catherine D’Lish: two-time winner of the Miss Exotic World competition, theatrical costume designer and couturier, and creator of the “Boudoir by D’Lish” collection. Holly’s Good has interviewed her during a virtual tea date

Catherine D’lish wearing one of her Boudoir by D’Lish creations.
Early career

How do you discover burlesque? Do you have a ballerina training?

I first began as a teenage stripper in a strip club. As I heard about stripping contests, I began to enter those and collected a string of dance titles. My favorite shows to do and compete with were classic striptease, eventually I meandered away from the strip clubs and into theaters. I am a self-taught dancer. However, later on into my dancing years, I started to work with dance-world bodyworkers and PT to correct structural alignment issues, and prevent injury.

What is burlesque for you?

The “what is burlesque” question has become obsolete, if you ask me… there are as many different definitions for the word “burlesque” as there are stars in the sky.

Catherine D’lish
The Queen of Costume

You’re of course one of the best performer ever and you are also the Queen of the Costume. When did you start to make a costume and how?

Thank you for the generous compliment! I began making costumes at the first strip club I worked at, simply for some fun things to wear on stage. I bought scissors and a sewing machine, and never stopped.

We know the special relationship between you and Dita, Have you ever been envious of each other, Being both two personalities very outside both on and off the stage?

I consider myself very lucky to share this special relationship with Dita, I’ve never laughed so much with any other person! We have a healthy and thriving friendship.

Catherine D’lish wearing one of her Boudoir by D’Lish creations.
The Playboy Bunny and other pets

You took part in the 50 anniversary of Playboy. Can you tell us something about it?

The 50th anniversary tour of 50 cities for Playboy was fun, and I have fond memories of the experience. I am glad that I was invited to be a part of it!

Are you married? Do you have children? If so, how do you manage to reconcile working life with family life?

I am unmarried, and have pets as children… I’ve recently begun to garden with great enthusiasm, all of my plant babies feel like children to me too. I enjoy the interactions with my pets and plants and the time spent with them is a lovely way to step away from work every day, also something to enjoy while work is on my mind.

An advice for performers

What do you think about actual Burlesque scene, and What advice would you give to today’s performers?

The new world of Burlesque is constantly growing and changing. It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities for the future! I encourage all performers to invest their time and energy into being all that they can be.

Catherine D’lish

The funniest thing that happened during your show?

Every show is funny. No exceptions.

One thing you can’t give up?


Have you got a good memories about Italy? Which city did you visit and what do you like or dislike about Italians?

I have only good memories of Italy, you are lucky to live in such a special part of the world! I have visited many parts of your gorgeous country, and find Italians in general to be exceptional. I recently watched the series, “Monty Don’s Italian Gardens” and it was wonderful to be magically whisked away back to some of Italy’s spectacular hideaways.

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Holly's Good

Holly's Good

Holly's Good, ovvero "The Sweetest Side of Burlesque" è la performer italiana vincitrice dei premi "Most Classic 2019" al BHOF di Las Vegas, Papessa del Caput Mundi Burlesque Festival 2019 e "Best Costume" all'Oklahoma Burlesque Festival 2019.