Autore: Alan Debevoise

Alan Debevoise is the first italian solo Boylesque Performer represented by international Burlesque and Entertainment agency Les Vedettes. Boylesque is the male declination of classical female Burlesque featuring, along with the striptease, the famous 3C: Concept, Coreogpraphy and Character. Alan Debevoise's been training at Mitzi Von Wolfgang's Burlesque School of Milan and got tricks from famous Gypsy Charms at Britain's Ministry Of Burlesque. Hosting several Burlesque shows in italian and french venues he's been sharing stage with famous stars such as Cherry Shakewell, Natsumi Scarlett, Agent Lynch, Luna Rosa, Slinky Sparkles, Anna Fur Laxis, Lalla Morte, LouLou D'Vil, Lola LaBelle and Tara Mi Sioux. categories