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WOW! Burlesque (Por)Traits

| 4 April 2012

WOWWOW! is an exhibition tribute to the wonderful world of burlesque cabaret.
I’m the author – Roberta Della Volpe, aka Roger Roby -, graphic designer and artist.
The exhibition consists of icons / portraits based on performers and artists from the world of burlesque, illustrated in a few essential strokes inspired by physical or performance characteristics .

On display for the first time as part of Milan Burlesque Award 2012, today I publish a collection of A3 posters and postcards;
it is a work in progress that will eventually be supported by other items such as pins, badges, t-shirts etc.

There are 30 icons tied to the vast world of cabaret burlesque… but I’m not saying this figure will not multiply!

Despite being a newcomer to burlesque, with so much to learn, with much willingness and with a touch of vanity, I have even based an icon on myself!.

I’d like to thank for inspiring me:

Alan DeBevoise
Angie Pontani
Anna Fur Laxis
Armitage Shanks
Attilio Reinhardt
Cherry Bloom
Christopher Wonder
Cleo Viper
Dirty Martini
Eve La Plume
Evie Lovelle
Julie Atlas Muz
Kitten On The Keys
Kitty Bang Bang
Lalla Hop
Little Lady Burlesque
LouLou D’Vil
Luna Rosa
Marnie Scarlet
Mimi Le Meaux
Missy Malone
Roky Roulette
Roxi D’Lite
Roxy Rose
Stéfanie Cerli-Azuka
Tempest Storm

A special thought for Bettie Page.

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Roby Roger

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Napoletana, Roberta Della Volpe è un’artista visiva, professionista nell’ambito della grafica e della comunicazione, diventata vittima di un’attrazione irresistibile da parte del burlesque, che l’ha spinta a diventare anche performer. Di è la madre del logo 2011 e, attraverso il nostro sito, propone le sue opere ispirate al mondo delle piume di struzzo, come l’ironico progetto Munnesque.

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